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I’m a website designer, content creator, brand strategist, dog-lover, bookworm and espresso martini enthusiast.

With over six years experience in the creative industry, I have found my passion and it is working with fellow entrepreneurs, helping to scale their business and celebrating their success.

In my career, I have co-founded and co-directed a successful creative agency in Ireland scaling our team from just two of us to seven. I have also facilitated over 50 workshops teaching business owners how to harness the power of the digital world, giving them the confidence to successfully market their business to their ideal clients.

In 2022 I stepped away from the agency to launch my own business in Australia, Jeune Digital.

Having worked on over 15 custom projects in my career, website design is where my heart truly lies. I adore building and piecing together the customer journey and seeing branding and passion come together in the best way possible.

I’m honestly obsessed with helping other entrepreneurs succeed at what they do by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to grow their businesses. My goal always is to make every client feel like they have an ally who will be there whenever they need me.